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The REBIRTH - Research Center for Translational Regenerative Medicine (from Regenerative Biology to Reconstructive Therapy) is an internationally renowned institution for regenerative medicine. REBIRTH has been funded since 2006 by the Excellence Initiative of the German Federal Government and the State Government of Lower Saxony. A network of over 30 institutes with 60 different work groups and over 250 researchers are developing gene- and cell-based therapeutic strategies for diseases of the heart, lungs, liver and blood through interdisciplinary collaboration between the various scientific disciplines integrated within REBIRTH. By drawing on the knowledge gained from fundamental research conducted within REBIRTH and its translation into experimental medicine, and by identifying relevant mechanisms involved in regenerative processes in the human body, REBIRTH aims to develop new approaches and technologies for medical use. These will be applied in everyday clinical routine for the benefit of patients implemented for example at Hannover Medical School.

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