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John Bell

University of Ottawa

John Bell received his PhD from McMaster University, followed by post-doctoral work at the Medical Research Council in London. He began his independent research career at McGill University and subsequently moved to the University of Ottawa where he is a Professor of Medicine and a Senior Scientist at The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. His research program focuses on understanding at the molecular level, the defects in signaling pathways that lead to the formation of cancers and using this information to develop novel oncolytic virus therapeutics. Bell is the Scientific Director of BioCanRx, a Network of Centres of Excellence program focused on the translation of fundamental laboratory discoveries into clinical testing. He has co-founded two biotechnology companies that are clinically testing novel biological therapies discovered in his research group. Bell has in excess of 400 lifetime publications with over 32,000 citations and an H index of 86. In 2013 he was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and in 2022 a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences.

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