Hybrid symposium
making gene therapy
a clinical reality

Herrenhausen Palace, Hannover
23-25 March 2022

Our hybrid symposium, 'Making Gene Therapy a Clinical Reality', held in collaboration with the Volkswagen Foundation, has now taken place.



PhD Students, MD Students and MD PhD Students are invited to register for our free Education Session on Wednesday 23 March 2022 at Herrenhausen Palace in Hannover or virtually.



LOC - Local Organising Committee

- Frank Bengel, Hannover Medical School

- Hildegard Büning, Hannover Medical School
- Tobias Cantz, Hannover Medical School 

- Christine Falk, Hannover Medical School
- Boris Fehse, University of Hamburg
- Melanie Galla, Hannover Medical School 
- Ulrike Köhl, Fraunhôfer Institute, Leipzig
- Thomas Moritz, Hannover Medical School 
- Michael Ott, Hannover Medical School 
- Martin Sauer, Hannover Medical School 
- Axel Schambach, Hannover Medical School 

- Brigitte Schlegelberger, Hannover Medical School
- Thomas Thum, Hannover Medical School 


Meeting Partner - Volkswagen Foundation

Mareike Rüßmann, Volkswagen Foundation