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Anna Couturier

University of Edinburgh

Anna Couturier, Phd. is a researcher and Project Manager for EuroGCT and EuroStemCell at the University of Edinburgh's Centre for Regenerative Medicine. She steers digital strategy and implementation for the projects in collaboration with their partners and public stakeholders. She also provides in-depth training for scientists and science communicators with a special focus on science and technology in digital spaces.

Anna's academic research in Science and Technology Studies at the University of Edinburgh covers algorithmic governance, digital health, and regenerative medicine with a particular interest in developing digitally native methodologies. She is currently working at the intersection of emerging gene and cell therapy information and generative AI like ChatGPT.

Her previous work covers global educational media development and digital advocacy at institutions including Da Vinci Kids, Columbia University Center for the Core Curriculum, GLAAD, and the Women's Media Center.

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